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Weighing and Dispensing of Raw Material

The solution for weighing and dispensing

PlantSuite W&D®: Digitalize, control and track the weighing process in real time

IASTECH offers the best solution to digitize the process of weighing and dispensing critical ingredientes and microingredients, mainly for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and food industries.
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Produce 100% according to the recipe

Maximize Weighing & Dispensing process

The PlantSuite W&D ® eliminates manual and paper records processes, reducing erros and material variability in the Weighing and Dispensing processes. The ingredients and microingredients are critical, expensive and can also be highly hazardous, thus it must be precisely measured according to the recipe indicated. The W&D process set up the foundation of the final product and the level of security in the process. Reduce waste. Be compliant to the security measures.

The extensive use of the bar code and QRCode labeling technology and the wireless handheld RF ensure the proper material correctly identified; the correct labeling of the weighed material bag and pallets; the correct quantity, according to the matching recipe, providing accuracy, agility and efficiency of the whole production process.
Main functionalities:

Genealogy and traceability

PlantSuite W&D – Meeting regulatory requirements to ensure product quality excellence

Plantsuite W&D provides end-to-end control and traceability, from receipt of the raw materials to final product packaging.

Innovative Technological Solutions

30 years providing manufacturing solution for automation and production management. Talk to one of our experts. We have the best solution for your company.

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